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Miniature Organic Flowers Deep Rich Toner

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Size: 20ml

Whamisa Miniature Glass Bottle Organic Flowers Deep Rich Toner is highly concentrated to nourish the skin. It has a slightly thicker consistency than a normal toner making it almost essence like. This famous toner contains fermented organic botanical extracts which give it a beautiful floral scent. The deep rich toner is suitable for all skin types and uniquely boosts hydration. It contains Oat Kernel, Dandelion Oil, Aloe Vera, Argan Oil and Chrysanthemum extracts all known for their moisturising and nutritious properties. Vegan.

Suitable for all skin types.

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The experts say: “Notorious for frequently selling out and famous for the Seven Skin Method. It has a beautiful floral scent without being too overpowering and it feels glorious on our skin. If you want dewy, glowing skin this is our go-to product.”


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