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Dr Oracle A-Thera Cream Bottle

A-Thera Cream

Dr Oracle
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Size: 50ml

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Acne-prone skin needs a special moisturiser that balances skin while also leaving pores unclogged and free of sebum. Developed by a well known skincare brand in Korea founded by dermatologists and sold in over 70 clinics in the country, the Dr Oracle A-Thera Cream is not only lightweight but also contains ingredients that soothe and actually heal skin.


This moisturiser hydrates like a cream but is actually a thin gel that instantly absorbs into skin, leaving combination and oily skin types feeling hydrated but not overwhelmed. It's time to wake up to clearer skin!

Suitable for acne prone skin.


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The experts say:

"The star ingredient is bamboo extract, a prized antioxidant that has been scientifically proven to heal wounds faster. Use this cream after applying acne treatments and it will help pimples and scars recover quicker. A little goes a long way!"