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3 Pack- First Skin Brightening Mask Buttermilk Skincare

3 Pack- First Skin Brightening Mask

HelloSkin Jumiso
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Another beautiful blend of ingredients from HelloSkin Jumiso that aim to brighten even the dullest of skin. Niacinamide promotes skin restoration, fighting pigmentation. Salmon Roe exhibits fantastic hydrating benefits and prevents the skin from drying out. Together with peppermint, cranberry, raspberry, wild cherry and pomegranate it's sure to awakens your skin. Ultra soft Cupra cotton hold more essence than your average sheet mask, meaning super effective results from just one use.


Suitable for all skin types.



HelloSkin by Jumiso make incredible sheet masks using Cupra cotton which holds so much more essence than the average sheet mask. The Cupra cotton technology results in super hydrated glowing skin! There are 5 gorgeous types of these high tech masks sheet masks to suit different skin types.


   The experts say: Powerful ingredients feature in this brightening sheet mask and includes the most important of all - Niacinamide. It restores skin tone and provides a strong defence against discolouration and dullness"