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The question on every beauty addict’s lips at the moment is what is so great about Asian skincare?

There has been so much buzz on social media and the press in the UK about Asian skincare.

Seoul remains one step ahead, rapidly churning out the highly innovative creations we’ll be talking about six months from now.

One of the earliest records of Korean beauty traditions was during the three kingdoms era (57 bc to 668 ad)

Women had rouged cheeks and lips and shaped their eyebrows, throughout history they were focused on naturalistic makeup with traditional cosmetics made from natural ingredients.

Today there still is a focus on natural ingredients with many brands focusing on organic ingredients derived from local sources such as Jeju island (Korea’s “Hawaii”). There is currently an emphasis on cosmetics which avoid harsh chemicals and adopt a philosophy of natural organic sources providing effective but gentle products.

South Korean women spent twice as much than women in western countries on skincare

This has enabled the cosmetics industry in Korea to thrive and huge budget goes into significant research and development. Exciting ingredients such as snail mucin, spider protein and bee venom feature in many effective Korean beauty products.

Breakthrough innovative products were born out of korea such as bb cream.

One of the first Korean products that exploded on the US and UK market with many Western firms copying this original product. This led to other pioneering products from Korea gaining recognition in the UK such as sheet masks, sleeping packs and cushion compacts.

Recognition because these products were ground breaking effective skincare, and attractive as they competitively priced. Buttermilk Skincare are Korean skincare UK specialists bringing you the most innovative creations of the Korean skincare market.

There is a lot of fun to be had with Korean products too, there are many cute packaged skincare products.

Unique designs such as egg soap, avocado/ tomato masks or a pumpkin sleeping pack. However, please don’t think it’s all fun and games with these products, there is a very vigorous testing process for Korean products and a lot of influences come from breakthroughs in the health sector. Our Korean skincare UK specialists have brought to you a range of fun skincare products from iconic Korean brands such as Tony Moly.