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vitamin c: summer's hottest skincare ingredient

Why You Should Consider A Summer Fling with Vitamin C.

When we think about Korean skincare, we often conjure up an image of hour-long, overly complicated, multi-layered routines featuring an eclectic mix of exotic products.

Yes, it’s true that K-beauty is more sophisticated than merely rubbing your mascara off with a wet-wipe, however, the commonly talked about 10-step-routine is in reality just a friendly guideline.

Korean skincare is really about common sense.

If there is one mantra Korean women live by when it comes to caring for their skin, is to listen to it.

Giving your skin exactly what it needs on a particular day, after a specific event or even tailoring your regime depending on the season, is the key to a healthy inner skin environment - the foundation of a beautiful complexion.

As we emerge pale and pasty from our long lockdown slumber, our skin is going to have to deal with the new trials and tribulations of the somewhat unexpected summer season.

How do we prepare our skin for it?

By inserting Vitamin C into our skincare mix.

Vitamin C + SPF = Summer BFF

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for our health, aiding in the production of collagen, metabolising proteins and helping us fight off free radicals.

The bad news? Our body doesn’t naturally produce it. And what is worse, it has a hard time keeping hold of it once ingested. So chances are most of us are running severely low on this precious vitamin most of the time.

In recent years, dermatologists and beauty gurus the world over have become increasingly excited about the benefits this vitamin can have on our skin.

Why is Vitamin C so important for a skincare routine?

Its ability to stimulate collagen production is obviously a bonus all year round, but here’s why Vit-C is a go-to in the summer:

  1. It reduces dark spots: Vitamin C has the power to block out tyrosinase, an enzyme responsible for melanin production. Using Vit-C topically will help not only prevent dark spots, but will actually reduce the appearance of pre-existing troublemakers.
  2. It boasts anti-inflammatory properties: Helping to soothe acne and rosacea. See ya later cakey foundation!
  3. It enhances skin’s natural tolerance to the sun: Disclaimer, this does not mean you can skip SPF. However, when applied in tandem, Vitamin C adds an extra layer of protection from the sun. If you still haven’t incorporated an SPF into your skincare, you need to start today (this one by Missha is really great)
  4. It superpowers your skin cells: By fighting free radicals, environmental aggressors and pollution. A fierce shield for those long hours spent outdoors.

All of which come together to reduce fine lines, improve skin tone and give you that summer glow.

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