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the skincare secrets behind one of our much loved brands: aromatica

Here at Buttermilk, we like to make sure that we hand-select the very best Korean skincare brands and products to stock. This involves researching and reading about how these brands came about as much as it is researching the products themselves.

Aromatica was founded by Korean-born Jerry Kim, who left his reputable career in a large financial firm to effectively establish Korea’s clean beauty industry back in 2004. Kim had suffered from dry, irritable skin for much of his young life, and was first exposed to aromatherapy whilst studying abroad in Australia. Through his studies, he discovered that botanical essence immediately helped his symptoms, whilst at the same time realising that most of his personal care products contained synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients.

Kim began his journey by importing safe and efficacious ingredients to cosmetic companies in South Korea, to help drive out the harmful ingredients they had been using previously. When some of these cosmetic businesses began to revert to using the former ingredients due to the higher cost of the safe products, Kim decided to go it alone and create Aromatica. 

Not only is Aromatica registered as a partner of the Vegan Society, it’s also Eco-cert certified and committed to organic farming to help build a more sustainable world. They are passionately taking a stand to return the earth to its natural state and to preserve the environment as best they possibly can - just a few of the many reasons we love them!

As for their products, we could sing their praises all day long. But as we don’t have all day, we’ll just stick to a few!

The Aromatica Natural Coconut Cleansing Oil is a cleanser we’d always recommend you have at your disposal. Made with 100% organic cold press coconut oil, it removes makeup and impurities without upsetting even the most sensitive skin. Suitable for all skin types and made without parabens, silicons or any synthetic colourants or fragrances, its natural anti-ageing properties strengthen the skin’s natural barrier, leaving your skin buttery soft and completely relaxed. 

If it’s hydration your skin needs, especially at this time of year, the Aromatica Argan Intensive Hydrating Eye Cream uses Argan Oil to provide intense hydration and moisture to the eye area. This high performance cream contains anti-ageing properties to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and to brighten dark circles. Got a bit more time on your hands? Try the Sea Daffodil Hydro Charge Sheet Mask. The Sea Daffodil works hard to hydrate the skin, whilst the ceramide and olive leaf ferment extract target dry areas. Sit back and let its organic, gorgeous ingredients sink into your skin - and most importantly, enjoy!

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