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the importance of facial cleansers

We all know that a skin care regimen starts with a good cleanser, but, have you ever wondered why it’s so important? Let’s explore the reasons behind why we need to make sure our skin is cleaned properly, no matter what skin type you have.

Even if you don’t wear makeup, it’s very important to wash your face with a cleanser. Facial cleansers remove not only makeup, but also pollutants, bacteria and unwanted debris off of our face. A quick swipe across the face with a face wipe unfortunately just won’t cut it.

In addition, it’s important to recognise that properly cleansing the skin prepares your skin to absorb products you may put on after, like a serum or moisturiser. Clearing out your pores allows the moisturiser to penetrate into your skin for maximum effectiveness. After all, what’s the point of applying moisturisers and treatments if your skin isn’t able to absorb them fully?

So, what benefits can using a good quality facial cleanser bring? 

  • Maintaining clear skin. The skin naturally produces sebum to protect itself from environmental stressors, but if it stays on the skin for too long it can build up with any other dirt on your skin and create enlarged pores, the blockage of skin follicles, acne and a general lacklustre complexion.
  • Boosting hydration. Maintaining a proper level of moisture on the skin is essential. Dehydrated skin feels rough, wrinkled and aged. Regular cleansing helps manage the pH levels of the skin; enabling sufficient water retention.
  • Keeping the skin youthful. Your skin ages every day, but pollution and toxins can accelerate the ageing process. The very act of cleansing your skin thoroughly is a great way to remove all unwanted debris and to stimulate the skin’s natural processes which help combat ageing, lack of tone, pigmentation and dullness.

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