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Product Review: Whamisa Organic Hydrogel Masks

Hydrogel Masks vs. Cotton Sheet Masks

Hydrogel masks are considered to be the next level up from the more traditional Asian sheet masks. Instead of cotton, Hydrogel masks are made from the essence into a slick gel and then soaked with essence, designed to improve the transference of the essence and its benefits from the mask to your skin. My first experience in using a Hydrogel mask was with one of Korea’s more well-known cosmetic brands; Missha. I used their Snail Hydrogel Mask and I was sceptical that this jelly-based mask would feel comfortable on my skin. However, after putting the mask on I realised how easily and comfortably it adhered to my face. The close fit of a Hydrogel mask on your skin improves its hydrating effects as it locks in moisture to produce instantaneous results. This K-Beauty invention is super nourishing and enables those nutritious ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin, and we have them right here for you in the UK.

Why Whamisa Hydrogel Masks are the best

Whamisa is a unique Korean skincare brand which uses fermented organic ingredients, natural preservatives, with no added water. At £6.50, their Organic Hydrogel Masks cost a little more than our other masks, but with the results they produce are worth spending that little bit more. I really haven't seen anything at this price point which is as effective on the UK market. There are three types of Whamisa Hydrogel masks –Organic Flowers & Aloe Vera, Organic Fruits & Tomato and lastly Organic Seeds & Rice. Whamisa masks are then filled with a highly concentrated serum. This means more nutrients, a higher concentration of active ingredients resulting in instant, outstanding results. Whamisa

Test & review of the Whamisa Flowers Hydrogel Mask

Whamisa Organic Hydrogel Masks are incredibly thick which helps improve the quality of fit. This k-beauty mask comes in two parts. One for the lower half of your face and the other for the top half and your nose. The two sections can then overlap slightly, or not, depending on your face shape and size to ensure a very close fit. Upon opening the packaging, the first thing I noticed was the amount of serum in the packet. Whamisa pack so much in there the mask is drenched in it! I love it when there is some serum left over in a mask packet as it means I can enjoy applying this serum over the next few nights. Whamisa 2 After applying the mask you can feel it getting to work as the moisture sinks into your skin. Whamisa’s hydrogel mask actually adapts to your skin’s temperature enabling it to deliver the nutritious ingredients deep into your skin. The pictures below are of me in the Whamisa Organic Flowers & Aloe Vera Hydrogel Mask where you can see the perfect fit it provides. Not only were the brightening effects amazing immediately, the next day my skin was even better! You can see my freckles under this mask, a definite sign of my mixed race heritage! My skin was glowing and after a few compliments from my friends on my healthy glowing skin, I knew this mask was a winner. Whamisa recommends an intensive treatment of use - twice a week for four weeks to see a big, long lasting improvement in the texture and healthiness of your skin. I’ve used them twice a week for two weeks now and my skin is much clearer and so much brighter. I had a small amount of acne before using these masks, they seem to have disappeared without any scarring. My skin feels healthier and more radiant, which may sound like a marketing ploy but you really get what you pay for with these masks.

Whamisa 4

The three types of the Whamisa Hydrogel Masks available here in the UK:

Whamisa Organic Flowers & Aloe Vera Hydrogel Mask £6.50

The mask is designed for lifting, brightening and moisturising. This is a really beautifully smelling floral mask containing Camellia, Chrysanthemum, Dandelion extract and Aloe Vera which improves the skin’s elasticity. Camellia, a Japanese skincare secret, has incredible moisturising benefits, an antioxidant that keeps skin supple. Dandelion root is rich in Vitamin A, C and E, fantastic for anti-ageing. The thick botanical serum has incredible brightening effects, 20 minutes with this mask leads to super hydrated and glowing skin.

Whamisa Organic Fruits & Tomato Hydrogel Mask £6.50

The Whamisa Organic Fruits Hydrogel Mask is fantastic for combination skin as it lifts, revitalises and tones. The hazel seed oil in the serum balances sebum and tightens pores. The rich botanical serum in this mask is loaded with Apple, Kiwi, Liquorice, Raspberry, Banana and Tomatoes which result in a clear and radiant complexion. Liquorice root has an active compound called glabridin which helps to diminish the appearance of dark circles, discolouration and age spots.

Whamisa Organic Seeds & Rice Hydrogel Mask £6.50

The seed mask has anti-ageing benefits, it lifts, soothes and reduces wrinkles. It contains Rice, an Asian skincare ingredient they’ve been using for centuries, known to brighten the skin, as well as improving the texture and clarity of your skin. The Oats have anti-inflammatory properties, is very moisturising and removes dead skin cells. Black Soybean, an antioxidant, can remove excess oil and also super hydrate the skin. It’s an amazing Asian skincare ingredient with Vitamin E and Omega 3 Fatty acids. It also contains Liquorice root, which has fantastic anti-ageing benefits and brightening effects. The high quality serum visibly reduces wrinkles and improves the skin elasticity. Whamisa 3

Other Hydrogel Masks to Try

We also have other Hydrogel masks for you to try. If your skin is in need of repairing, try one of our snail mucin masks. We have two beautiful ones loaded with snail mucin: the Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Hydrogel Mask, £3.80, and Tony Moly Intense Care Snail Hydrogel Mask, £3.90. We also have the Lindsay Water Balance Mask that is currently on sale for only £1.95, using 10 types of oriental ingredients for intense hydration. Need any help with creating a Korean skincare routine? Email us on Love Jenna x

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