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May Coop Brand Review

It takes a lot for a new product to enter and stay in the inner circle of our skincare routine. The May Coop Raw Sauce though was one of those K-beauty products that we tested and have yet to find a better alternative. But before we go on an on about it, let's take a little step back and let's explain what’s so amazing about May Coop!

Many brands will feature a star ingredient or philosophy they follow and May Coop have a star ingredient that is up there with the best: Maple tree water. It makes such a difference to your skin, but why? The science behind it all is actually quite simple. Maple tree water molecules are smaller than your traditional water molecules. Smaller molecules equals easy absorption, that penetrates deeper in to your skin and this leads to maximum hydration. This level of hydration without the use of heavy creams means you're left with glowing glass skin. Boom. Prayers answered.

A selection of some of the May Coop products available
A selection of some of the May Coop products available

All of the May Coop products use maple tree water and each one of their products from the eye cream and raw sauce, to their sheet masks and toners, all leave your skin feeling hydrated and clean. Simply a beautiful star ingredient!

Our personal favourite is the Raw Essence Sauce, which is just the bomb! It's packed with so many vitamins, it’s the ultimate glow generator so we encourage you to give it a go and see what May Coop can do for your skin.

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