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Lindsay Rubber Modeling Masks now on your high street at Boots

We've stocked Lindsay Rubber Modeling Mask since we launched Buttermilk Skincare 2 years ago, and I'm so pleased and proud to say that you can now find them in your local high street at Boots! Rubber masks are my favourite type of masking - a step up from your regular sheet mask with phenomenal results. A little bit more time goes into applying a Korean rubber modeling mask but the results are fully worth it. I've seen a few "peel off" masks from UK brands posing as Korean skincare but they really don't compare to the real deal. And Lindsay rubber modeling masks are the original mix-up rubber masks and the most popular in Korea, found at their pharmacy store called Olive Young. Olive Young is an awesome store, it's kind of a cross between Sephora and Boots. To have K-Beauty in a store as big as Boots is a big deal for me. Giving the UK consumer access to K-Beauty was the main reason I set up Buttermilk Skincare! So many UK customers are eager to get their hands on Korean skincare, affordable beauty with effective results. Now with our new partnership with Boots you can pick up K-Beauty in your local UK Boots store, and who knows what else might be next.

So what's the deal with Korean rubber modeling masks?

Their targeted formulas and unique application make them extremely popular at luxury spas throughout Korea. After applying the formula to the face, it transforms into a thick rubber layer creating a vacuum between the skin and the mask, allowing the nutrients to moisturise, sooth and brighten the skin. Lindsay Rubber Modeling Masks contain natural ingredients such as kelp extract and clay help to cleanse pores and hydrate skin.

How to apply the Lindsay Rubber Modeling Mask:

Lindsay Rubber Modeling Mask Steps

Which type of Lindsay Rubber Modeling Mask is right for me?

Hyaluronic Acid

The Hyaluronic Acid found in this Lindsay Ice Hyaluronic Modelling Rubber Mask helps to combat the signs of ageing. This super ingredient helps the skin retain moisture leading to beautifully hydrated, softer, plumper skin. Step 3 - Spread the mixture on to your skin


The gold extract found in this Lindsay Energizing Gold Modelling Rubber Mask soothes and calms irritated skin. It also helps rejuvenate dull skin tone, leaving it bright and glowing. Step 3 - Spread the mixture on to your skin


The charcoal extract found in this Lindsay Purifying Charcoal Modelling Rubber Mask draws out impurities, cleanses pores and soothes skin, great for those with pore issues. Step 3 - Spread the mixture on to your skin


Spirulina extract found in this Lindsay Moisture Spirulina Modelling Rubber Mask is a natural algae, packed with antioxidants and B-vitamins that restores the elasticity and vitality of the skin. Step 3 - Spread the mixture on to your skin

Video application:

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