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let’s talk about may coop ✨



Let’s talk about May Coop. A complete skincare line made with Maple Tree Sap and tons of gorgeous natural ingredients, it’s a name that really should have pride of place in your bathroom cabinet. The products’ molecular structure is smaller than that of water, meaning they absorb into the skin quickly and provide a huge number of anti-inflammatory benefits; perfect for those suffering with any redness, swelling or itchiness.

One of our favourites, the “Raw Sauce” (we love the name), is a highly-enriched all-in-one skin essence containing 93% Maple Tree Sap and Ecocert certified skin nourishing Fructan powder

that will permeate the skin rapidly and provide instant hydration. A good quality skin essence is a very important step in many Korean women’s 10-step daily skin routine, as it preps the skin for moisturiser and allows any subsequent products to absorb more easily into the skin. As an added bonus, the Raw Sauce gives that instant dewy glow without the need for makeup - ideal if you’re in a rush, or simply want to let your skin breathe.

On the subject of glowing skin, we also need to discuss their Raw Activator serum. Packed to the rafters with vitamins, antioxidants and peptides, this decadent serum can be used following the Raw Sauce to give the ultimate “glassy” look to your face. The combination of the two is nothing short of magic; trust us.

If, however, you prefer to nourish and tend to your skin after a long day in the office, the May Coop Raw Sheet Mask will instantly transport you to another world. Close your eyes while the 100% cotton mask, drenched in a heavenly combination of Maple Tree Sap, Grapefruit, Liquorice and Ginger, delivers maximum hydration whilst relaxing you with its warming scent.

And the best news? Our May Coop range is back in stock, so treat yourself to a well-deserved Summer glow.

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  • I bought some May Coop product for my girlfriend and she won’t stop talking about it!


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