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cosrx- back again

A cult favourite among Korean skincare fans, COSRX has 10 years’ experience in delivering effective, ingredient-rich cosmetics. The brand takes its name from the word “cosmetics” and the symbol “RX” (meaning, “prescription”) to affirm its commitment to creating effective and more importantly, skin-friendly, products. In fact, it’s well-known for its short list of ingredients on its packaging, focussing on few but powerful ingredients to help trouble-prone, dehydrated and aging skin. 100% of its products are made in Korea, and are all cruelty-free. But those are just a few of the reasons we love this brand so much. 

Start your day in the best possible way with the Cosrx Low PH Good Morning Cleanser. Formulated with soothing tea tree oil and natural BHA, this refreshing gel cleanser has a pH level closest to that of the skin’s natural level, so as not to strip the skin of its natural oils. Simply apply to a dry face first thing in the morning, moisten with a little water to create a light foam, and massage into face in circular motions, before rinsing off. 

Suffering from oily skin and blackheads? The COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid, infused with 4% natural Beta Hydroxy Acid, helps to gently decongest pores and reduce blackhead formation. Its hydrating Sodium Hylauronate combines perfectly with brightening White Willow Bark and Niacinamide to both eliminate impurities and dead skin cells whilst leaving the skin renewed and refreshed. Whatsmore, it’s free from nasties (parabens, artificial colourants) so you can be sure you’re not taking anything away from your skin in the process. To use, dispense some of the liquid onto a cotton pad and swipe over skin, concentrating on T-zone and chin, patting gently to aid absorption. Begin using just once weekly, and increase to 2-3 times per week once your skin has adjusted. 

Finally, complete your day and give your skin the rest it deserves, with the COSRX Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask. Enriched with 65% rice extract, this sleeping mask works to hydrate and brighten skin to help even out your complexion. Niacinamide, a brightening ingredient, and hydrating sunflower seed oil, work together to nourish and moisturise our skin - all whilst you sleep! Perfect for all skin types, apply as your last skincare step of the day and simply rinse off the next day!

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