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Buttermilk Skincare is your Korean skincare specialist based in the UK. We bring you the latest Korean skincare trends and the best K-Beauty products, sourced straight from Korea.


Why Korea? 

.Koreans are renowned for their beautiful, radiant clear skin and we want to share their beauty secrets with you.


Our mission is simple – find and curate the best Korean beauty products from Asia so you can have the best skin possible.


We’ve tested and verified each Korean product ourselves here in the UK, and we are here to help tailor a Korean skincare routine to your needs.

Korean Ten Step Routine

The Ten Step Korean Skincare UK Routine

The average Korean has up to ten steps in their skincare routine which helps them achieve healthy glowing dewy skin. We’ve broken down the ten steps for you and explained the importance of each stage. TEN STEP KOREAN SKINCARE ROUTINE

From The Skincare Blog

Why You Should Consider A Summer Fling with Vitamin C. When we think about Korean skincare, we often conjure up an image of hour-long, overly complicated, multi-layered routines featuring an eclectic mix of exotic products. Yes, it’s true that K-beauty is more sophisticated than merely rubbing your mascara off with a wet-wipe, however, the commonly… Read more »

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